An Exhibition - Random Art

Random art (http://www.random-art.org/) is an ongoing online exhibition of computer-generated pictures, authored by Andrej Bauer.
From a random seed, which the visitors provide by entering a string of text, the computer generates a computation circuit describing an image. The text serves as the image title. The exhibition was launched in 2010 and has so far generated almost 300000 pictures. A selection
of five prints is exhibited.


"static method()"


"m 37 Bone Coloured Stars"

An addition to this exhibit is a Student Math Art exhibition.

An Exhibition of Student Math Art

Visualization of mathematics is one of the goals of the Master's course "Mathematics with Computers" at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana. Under the supervision of Professor Andrej Bauer, the students created high-quality images of various mathematical objects, such as the Mandelbrot set, the Julia set, zeroes of 01-polynomials, Costa's minimal surface, and the electrostatic potential.

"Costa's minimal surface"

Author: Jana Cesarek. Mentor: Andrej Bauer