Art Exhibition “X”

An exhibition by Teja Krašek

Center za kulturo, šport in prireditve izola in cooperation with Alga Gallery is hosting an exhibition by Teja Krašek, a Slovenian freelance artist who lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her work concentrates on melding art, science, mathematics and technology. She employs contemporary computer technology as well as classical painting techniques.

Krašek’s theoretical, and practical, work is especially focused on symmetry as a linking concept between art and science, and on filling a plane with geometrical shapes, especially those constituting Penrose tilings (rhombs, kites, and darts). The artist’s interest is focused on the shapes’ inner relations, on the relations between the shapes and between the shapes and a regular pentagon. These artworks illustrate certain properties: golden mean relations, self-similarity, fivefold symmetry, the Fibonacci sequence, inward infinity, perceptual ambiguity, and more.

Teja Krašek’s artworks and articles are exhibited and published internationally (MIT Press, Springer, National Geographic, Portland Press, Sterling, World Scientific …). Her nanoartworks are among the winners of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th International Online NanoArt Competition.

Two of Krašek’s nanoartworks (collaborations with Drs. Janez Dolinšek, Paul Steinhardt, and An Pang Tsai) are among works of 250 artists who will represent Earth’s cultural heritage at an eternal exhibition on the Moon (astounding project MoonArk by Carnegie Mellon University).

The art exhibition “X” will be open from Thursday, 10 June 2021 until Wednesday, 23 June 2021 in Alga Gallery, IzolaSlovenia.

For those who will not be able to see the exhibition live, you can see more of Krašek's work published here: https://tejakrasekart.blogspot.com/

Photo credit: Dr. Peter Legiša