Bogdan Soban Virtual Exhibition - Mathematics In Colors

An exhibition by Bogdan Soban

Bogdan Soban, born in Vrtojba in 1949, with a degree in mechanical engineering, has dedicated himself to informatics.

As an information technology expert he began to pursue his own project, dedicated to research of artificial creativity in the area of visual art. Soban has developed a lot of programs, which on the basis of mathematical algorithms can generate mostly abstract images.

The whole process is supported by a time-determined random number generator, which supplies the system with random values ​​of various parameters and thus ensures unpredictability and non-repetition of the results. From the viewpoint of mathematics, the following notions appear in the algorithms: complex algebraic expressions, trigonometric and logarithmic functions, plane geometry, iterations and recursions, determination of random numbers in areas, conversion of coordinates between different coordinate systems, control of stochastic motion of a point in plane and space, circular and spiral movements, computation with complex numbers, original formulas for various calculations, number sequences (Fibonacci) and other mathematical operations. His works are rich in colors and shapes, unpredictable and never repeatable. Soban is spreading his concept known under the name “generative art” by organizing exhibitions, live presentations, workshops and writing articles on the subject.

The author lives and works in Vrtojba, Slovenia.


Bogdan Soban
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