Workshops on creating Geometric Solids and Sculptures

As part of the activities of the 8th European Congress of Mathematics, the Primary School "heroj Janez Hribar" from Stari trg pri Ložu organized a workshop on creating geometric solids and sculptures with Polydron and Zometool puzzles.

Under the mentorship of Izidor Hafner, PhD and Andreja Klančar, PhD pupils made different sculptures within which was also a rhombic 1080-edron.

The aim of such workshops is for children to understand and develop a positive attitude towards mathematics through mathematical activities.


Below you can view some highlights from the workshop:

  • creating with Giant Polydron 1: short


  • creating with Giant Polydron 2: short


  • creating with Giant Polydron: long


  • making a rhombic 1080-hedron with Zometool: long


  • creating solids with Magnetic Polydron


  • creating with Giant Polydron and Zometool


The organizers are thankful to the sponsors Zometool and Polydron for the donation of puzzles that made this workshop possible.