London Mathematical Society

The London Mathematical Society (LMS) is the UK’s learned society for mathematics.

Its purpose is the advancement, dissemination and promotion of mathematical knowledge, both nationally and internationally.

The LMS will be present virtually during the congress. We will have a society meeting followed by a lecture: 

  • 22 June 2021 from 5.30pm to 6.30pm: LMS Society Meeting and a Lecture
    A Society meeting followed by a lecture by James Maynard (University of Oxford) titled "Approximating real numbers by fractions".


LMS Representatives will be available at the following times each day:

Monday, 21 June from 1pm to 2pm


Tuesday, 22 June from 1pm to 2pm


Wednesday, 23 June from 1pm to 2pm


Thursday, 24 June from 1pm to 2pm


Friday, 25 June from 1pm to 2pm



The Society carries out a number of activities as part of its charitable objectives. The society publishes 12 journals (7 in partnership with other societies or institutions) and 2 book series. These publications are critical to the Society's delivery of its charitable activities in advancing and supporting mathematics and the wider mathematical research community. The Society also awards grants for mathematics research, conferences and overseas visitors, offers conference, workshops and training opportunities aimed at young mathematicians and early career researchers, awards a number of prestigious prizes in recognition of achievements in mathematics research and the promotion of mathematics. The Society also sponsors and organises UK-wide scientific lectures and meetings for research mathematicians, participates in international mathematical initiatives and promotes the discipline more widely.


A message from the LMS President, Professor Jonathan Keating FRS:

"The London Mathematical Society (LMS) is delighted to be taking part in the 8th European Congress of Mathematics. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the Society's work and on the wider Mathematical Sciences community. It has forced us as a community to embrace new ways of working, and it has led to profound changes in how we collaborate. The Society continues to support the Mathematical Sciences across Europe and the rest of the world through various activities: communicating and advancing mathematical knowledge, promoting research in all areas of mathematics, publicising its benefits, and at the same time ensuring the long-term sustainability of the mathematical research community. On behalf of the Society I would like to wish the European Mathematical Society (EMS) every success for the Congress and look forward to continued collaboration as the Mathematical Sciences landscape develops over the coming years."


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Frames of minds is a 60-minute documentary film that features nine UK-based mathematicians offering insights into their mathematical thinking across a broad range of mathematical research fields.

Thinking Space from Heidi Morstang on Vimeo.

The film was commissioned by The London Mathematical Society, as part of its 150th Anniversary Celebrations. The extracts from the documentary are available also on the LMS website


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International activities supported by the LMS include interaction with international mathematical bodies, international grand schemes, bilateral links with mathematicians and bodies in other countries, journal exchanges and reciprocity agreements. 



Below you can scroll through the LMS Summer Activities in 2021:

  • 24 June: LMS Popular Lectures 2021: Speakers: Aoife Hunt (Movement Strategies) James Maynard (Oxford). More details here.
    Aoife Hunt, PhD Prof. James Maynard
  • 1 July: Deadline for second round of applications for the Research Reboot Grant Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to help mathematicians restart research activity after the upheaval of the Covid-19 pandemic. More details here.
  • 2 July: LMS General Society Meeting & Lecture. Speaker: Emily Riehl (Johns Hopkins University). Hosted online by LMS. More details here
    LMS Society Meeting
  • 12-23 July: LMS Undergraduate Summer School. Hosted online by University of Swansea. More details here.
  • 19-23 July:  LMS-INI-Bath Online Summer School on K-Theory and Representation. Hosted online by University of Bath. More details here.
  • 3 August: Additional deadline for proposals for the LMS Research Schools and LMS Research Schools on Knowledge Exchange. Grants of up to £15,000 are available. More details: Research Schools or Research Schools on Knowledge Exchange.
  • 31 August: Deadline for applications to the LMS Small Education Grants Scheme.  More details here.
  • 1 September: Applications open for the 2022-23 LMS Atiyah UK-Lebanon Fellowship.  More details here,
  • 1-10 September: Northern Regional Meeting 2021 and Regional Workshop Representation of Quivers: Theory and Applications. A Celebration of the 60th Birthday of William Crawley-Boevey. Hosted online by the University of Manchester. More details here
  • 15 September: Deadline for applications for LMS Research Grants. The LMS offers a number of grant schemes to support conferences (up to £7,000 - Scheme 1); Visits to the UK (up to £1,500 - Scheme 2), Joint Research Groups (up to £2,000 – Scheme 3), Research in Pairs (up to £1,200 - Scheme 4), Collaboration with Developing Countries (up to £3,000 - Scheme 5) and Research Workshop Grants (Scheme 6). More details here.


The London Mathematical Society publishes a selection of high-quality journals and books with international authorship and readership, covering a broad range of mathematics.

The Transactions of the London Mathematical Society publishes leading research, welcoming papers of a general or specialised nature that represent a significant advance in mathematical knowledge, as well as submissions deemed to stimulate new interest and research activity. The journal is peer reviewed to the high standard assured by the London Mathematical Society for all its journals. More information HERE.

The Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society is the flagship journal of the LMS.  It publishes articles of the highest quality and significance across a broad range of mathematics. There are no page length restrictions for submitted papers. More information HERE

Founded by the legendary English mathematician Harold Davenport, Mathematika publishes both pure and applied mathematical articles, and has done so continuously since the 1950s. Under the direction of its current Managing Editors, the journal seeks to diversify and cover a wider range of mathematical interests. This is reflected in more recent appointments to the Editorial Board. More information HERE.



Useful links of the London Mathematical Society website and topics:

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